Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August KAL Day 3

Here are the rows for today and previous:

Day Three:
Row 21: k3; p3; k10; p1; k6; p1; k9; p3; k3.

Row 22: k3; p14; k2; p4; k1; p12; k3.

Row 23: k19; p1; k3; p1; k15.

Row 24: k2; p21; k1; p13; k2.

Row 25: k3; p3; k13; p1; k3; p1; k9; p3; k3.

Row 26: k3; p13; k3; p4; k1; p12; k3.

Row 27: k19; p1; k19.

Row 28: k2; p21; k1; p13; k2.

Row 29: k3; p3; k13; p1; k13; p3; k3.

Row 30: k3; p15; k1; p4; k1; p12; k3.

Previous Days:
Day One:

Cast on 39 stitches.
Rows 1 - 9: knit.
Row 10: (wrong side) k3; (p3, k3) x6.

Day Two:
Row 11: k7; (p1, k5) x4; p1; k7.
Row 12: k2, p35; k2.
Row 13: k3; (p3, k3) x6.
Row 14: K3; (p3, k1, p1, k1) x5; p3; k3.
Row 15: k7; (p1, k5) x 4; p1; k7.
Row 16: k2, p35; k2.
Row 17: k3; p3; k27; p3; k3.
Row 18: k3; p33; k3.
Row 19: k18; p4; k17.
Row 20: k2; p14; k1; p4; k1; p15; k2.
Janet Nogle
Moderator-Monthly Dishcloth Group

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