Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Mid Month KAL Final

Below is the complete pattern with a photo for those who just completed our KAL:

Shades of Christmas
Copyright @ Janet Nogle 11-22-09
Knitting Level:  Easy

Size:  One size
Measurements:  7 ½ X 8
Materials:  Scraps of two colors, (model was made using Peaches N Crème Mistletoe, Peaches N Crème Christmas Green)

#7 US Knitting Needles.

Cast on 35 stitches
This is a good pattern to use your scrap yarn with.  I have used two colors but you could add 3 or more if you want to.  Because you change colors at the start of the row, there is no need to cut the yarn when changing colors, just leave the color along the side and pick it up for the next set of rows when called for.

There are no side border stitches set aside for this cloth, you may either add 3 stitches on each side or after you are finished you can crochet a border around the cloth.  I didn’t think a border was necessary with this cloth but if I did add a border I would make it a Moss stitch border.

Border, with green yarn:

Row 1:  Knit Across
Row 2:  Knit Across
*To know which are the slip stitches, they will have no little bump in front like the other stitches.
Row 1:  Green Yarn; K5, *Sl 1 (PW), K5*; Repeat from *, end Sl 1, K5
*Row 2:Green Yarn; K3, Purl across, slipping previous slip sts on needle unworked, K5
Row 3:  Mistletoe;  K3, * K5, Sl 1;  Repeat from *, end K8
Row 4:  Mistletoe;  K3, * K5, WYIF Sl 1, WYIB; Repeat from *, end K8

Repeat these four rows for pattern.  I repeated the 4 row sequence 12 times,

Border, with green yarn:
Row 1:  Knit Across
Row 2:  Knit Across
Bind off
Weave in ends

WYIF = With yarn in front
WYIB = With yarn in back
Sl = Slip
Sl (PW) = slip stitch purl wise, like you were going to purl (with yarn in back) but instead of completing the purl stitch, slip the stitch to the right needle.
 Janet Nogle

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