Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 1st KAL Day 6 - FINAL

Here is day 6, the final day and my name is "Snowy Drops Cloth".

Row 51: K4, P33, K4
Row 52: K4, K3, * K2tog, yo, K3, yo, ssk, K1; repeat from *, end K2tog, yo, K4, K4
Row 53: K4, P33, K4
Row 54: K4, K5, * yo, sl 2 knit wise, K1, p2sso, yo, K5; repeat from *, end yo, K2tog, K2, K4
Row 55: K4, P33, K4
Row 56: Knit across
Row 57: Knit across
Row 58: Knit across
Row 59: Knit across
Row 60: Knit across
Row 61: Knit across

Cast off knitwise.
Weave in ends.

Created By Andi Worthy
Copyright © By Andi Worthy
November 20, 2006


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