Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 1 KAL Final

Here are our final rows.  Thanks to Elaine Fitzpatrick for a great design,
Copyright 2009; 2010 by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Permission is granted to make and sell items from this pattern provided that credit is given to me as the designer.  Permission is not granted to reproduce the actual pattern, or post it, or distribute it, without my express permission.  Please respect my copyright and play nice!

The name of the cloth is Peanut Cloth.

Day 6:

Row 51:   (k1, p1) x3; k25; p1; (k1, p1) x3.

Row 52:   (p1, k1) x4; p23; k1; (p1, k1) x3.

Row 53:   k1; p1 across row.

Row 54:   p1; k1 across row.

Row 55:   k1; p1 across row.

Row 56:   p1; k1 across row.

Row 57:   k1; p1 across row.

Row 58:   p1; k1 across row.

Row 59:   k1; p1 across row.

Bind off in k1, p1 and weave in ends.

Janet Nogle

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