Thursday, October 31, 2013

November 1st KAL DAY 1

. ~Hi!
~ A bit of info before we begin our next KAL ~

This will involve changing colors - no groaning!!
It's not a difficult pattern - and if you haven't done more than one color knitting before, this will be good practice!
Do NOT cut the yarn at every color change; simply carry the unused color along the side - overlap/twist the two yarn pieces instead. You can always find more info if needed by checking knitting sites online.  [I will send some suggested helpful links tomorrow.]
  Suggestion:   I strongly recommend that you either highlight the color changes when you print off the pattern - or use some kind of reminder to yourself.   I've knit for fifty years and still have to give myself reminders!!  It's too easy to get knitting and neglect to change a color, or purl when you should knit!
  I am not going to tell you if this will be a pattern or a picture cloth!
A bit of a mystery.......! 
but--I will tell you that it is NOT any type of lace pattern, tho.

So, here is what you will need:
Cotton yarn – (two colors)
A = blue
B = white
Size 7 (US) = 4.5 mm needles [or desired needle size]

And your treat tonight for halloween is the first day of rows! 
So while you wait for trick-or-treaters, you can start your KAL!
A = solid color
B = white 

Cast on 37 stitches loosely with color A 

Row1: (Color A) knit across 

Row2: (Color A) knit across 

Row3: (Color A) knit across 

Row4: (Color A) knit across 

Row5: (Color B) knit across 

Row6: (Color B) K4, P29, K4 

Row7: (Color A) knit across 

Row8: (Color A) knit across 

Row9: (Color B) knit across 

Row10: (Color B) K4, P29, K4
That's all for today!   See you tomorrow ~
happy halloween and happy knitting,
: )
Linda (for Janet Nogle)

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