Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 1st KAL Day = FINAL

Here are the remainder of the rows for our KAL.  I decided to end today so you can finish over the weekend.  The name of this cloth is "Snowman" by Sarah Wennogle....thanks for sharing.

Day 4:
Row 31: K4 P10 K4 P2 K3 P10 K4
Row 32: K14 P1 K1 P1 K2 P2 K1 P1 K14
Row 33: K4 P10 K1 P2 K3 P2 K1 P10 K4
Row 34: K15 P7 K15
Row 35: K4 P9 K11 P9 K4
Row 36: K15 P7 K15
Row 37: K4 P11 K7 P11 K4
Row 38: K15 P7 K15
Row 39: K4 P29 K4
Row 40: Knit across
Row 41:  K4 P29 K4
Row 42: Knit across
Row 43: Knit across
Row 44: Knit across
Row 45: Knit across
Row 46: BO all stitches, weave in ends, and send off to a friend with a hot cocoa mix!!!

Please do not sell for profit or other commercial reasons. Sarah Wennogle 2005.

Janet Nogle

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