Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feb 1st KAL Day 1 & 2

The suggested color is red.  Use #7 Knitting Needles.  The first photo is knit rows only so no need to add a photo for this day.

Cast on 35 stitches.

Row 1:Garter Stitch (Knit each row) for 6 rows

Row 2: Knit across

Row 3: Knit across

Row 4: Knit across

Row 5: Knit across


Day 2:

Row 6: Knit across
Row 7: Knit across

Row 8: K4, P27, K4

Row 9: Knit across

Row 10: K4, P27, K4

Row 11: Knit across
Row 12: K4, P27, K4
Row 13: (RS) K4 then K13, P1, K13, then K4.
Row 14: (WS) K4 then P27, then K4.
Row 15: K4 then K12, P3, K12, then K4.

Janet Nogle


  1. I'm getting a late start. Row 1 reads to knit garter stitch for 6 rows, and then it is followed by Rows 2 - 7 of knit across which is also garter stitch. Do I need only 6 rows of garter stitch, or 12 rows?

  2. i was wondering the same thing.... i just started this one today