Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Short Row Explanation

I will try to explain this procedure to everyone, keeping in mind that some procedures are easier if you are watching someone do them.  We will be doing a KAL that is worked in short rows with straight needles.

This is an example and doesn't really start the KAL until you see the APRIL 16TH KAL-DAY 1.

Say the directions call for casting on 18 stitches,  Go ahead and cast on.  Generally the first row is a knit row.  Go ahead and knit a row all the way across.

Now, Knit 15 stitches across as the above photo shows.  Now your remaining stitches are on the left side needle, unworked.

Turn both needles.  When finished, it should look like the above.  Now the 15 stitches show on the left needle, not the right and you will start working with the 15 stitches again.

Make sure you take the yarn and put it behind the work.  When you first "TURN" the yarn will be in the front so make sure before you knit any stitches that the yarn is behind the work.

Now you are ready to work the second pattern row, most of the time it will give you instructions to knit so many and then SSK, K2Tog or YO.  This is the end where the lace is worked.  You need to be careful going forward that all the lace stitches are done at the same end.  If you like, you can mark this end to remind you that lace stitches should be worked.  If you miss count the rows, you may be doing the lace at the row end so just make sure you are counting rows.

This isn't hard to do, just different so don't pass this one up.  The whole idea of these KAL are to further your knitting skills so lets give it a try.

You will see the rows later this evening.  This will give you a little time to try using this procedure.

Janet Nogle


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