Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 16th KAL Day 6-FINAL

Here are the rows for today.  This ends our KAL.  I will post a photo on our KAL Blog by the end of the week of the finished cloth and also post a pattern to our website.  The name of this cloth is "Good Grief Dishcloth" designed by Linda Sardonell.  Her website is listed at the end of this message if you want to check out her website.  Thanks goes to Linda for this very pretty cloth.

Day 6

Row 51:             K3, P4, (K1, P7) x2, K1, P4, K3

Row 52:            K3, (P1, K7) x3, P1, K3

Row 53:            K5, (P5, K3) x2, P5, K5

Row 54:            K3, P3, (K3, P5) x2, K3, P3, K3

Row 55:            K7, (P1, K7) x 3

Row 56:            K3, (K1, P7) x3, K4

Row 57:            K3, P2, (K5, P3) x2, K5, P2, K3

Row 58:             K6, (P3, K5) X2, P3, K6

Row 59:             K3, P4, (K1, P7) x2, K1, P4, K3

Knit 3 Rows

Bind Off

Cut Yarn

Weave in ends.


Linda Sardonell lsardonell@wi.rr.com

 Janet Nogle

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