Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oct 1st KAL - Day 6 FINAL

Here are the rest of the rows and info on the designer:

Day 6

row51.  [RED[ K across
row52.  [RED] K 4, p 1, k 8, p 7, k 16
row53.  [BLACK] K across  
row54.  [BLACK] P 3, k 1, p 10, k 5, p 17
row55. [RED]  K across
row56. [RED] K 3, p 1, k 10, p 5, k 17
BORDER:   [RED] Knit 4 rows

Bind off  ~  Hold your cloth in the palm of your hand and view it at eye-level to see the illusion! ~  a black cat appears!

 Black Cat Illusion Cloth
Our Thank you to:
Designer- Cheryl Edwards

Ravelry website:This Pattern is strictly for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial or
profit without the permission of  the designer; if you post anywhere what so ever
my name must stay in contact as the designer. Thank you.

Janet Nogle

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