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March 16th 2015 KAL Day 1

Hi all:

Everyday rows will be sent via an email, I will be "Replying" to the first email so all of the rows will be on one email at the end of the KAL. PLEASE NOTE:  Use our KAL Blog if you don't see the rows. Every KAL I receive emails saying "can I get the rows for today?" If you see a response from me it may just say "Use The Blog" to remind you.  If you are a "Special Notice" member, you will need to get your rows for day 2 through final from our blog or checking our site for the "updated" emails. Yahoo doesn't provide for "reply" messages to be sent to the Special Notice members.
If you need help, check for any assistance or write an email to the group for help.  For day 1 and day 2 of rows, I will post photos.

Using Lifelines will help with any project. If you aren't sure what that is, there is plenty of info on the Internet about it but it is basically where you put thread or thin yarn through a row already worked, designating that all the rows to that point are error free.
You should document what row you put the lifeline in so you have a point of reference. If you make any error after that point, you know you are OK with the previous rows anyway.

Materials:  1 skein cotton yarn, recommend Red, Green, Blue or any solid color, Pastel variegated can be used it will still look great but if is the first time you have knitted an intermediate Lacy pattern, I recommend a solid color.  

#6 US Needle

This is a lace cloth


K1b = Knit 1 in back of stitch

Skp = Slip 1 (kw), Knit 1, Pass slip stitch over

P2Tog b = P2 stitches together in Back of stitch (Go to to watch a video on how to complete that.  It is better to watch than to explain).  If you can’t get to this site for whatever reason always use the “stand by” method of “googling”.

YO = Yarn Over

** If you are a tight knitter, you might want to loosen the grip a bit when doing P2Tog b ** (I am a “tight” knitter and had problems accomplishing the P2Tog b until I eased up a bit when I first learned.)

Note:  * Don’t forget to do the “YO” after each repeat before going to next stitch
 Just a note about the upcoming KAL that starts this Sunday evening.

The color Red, Green, Blue, Lavender or any solid color you really like will work.  OK, it is a lace design…I know we just finished a lace cloth and it was kind of a beginner lace.  This one is an intermediate level lace.  I will make it easy for everyone by listing the number of stitches that should be on the needle at the end of the row.  I STRONGLY recommend using a Lifeline on this one only because of the stitch count.  The count does change depending on which row you are working so if you use a Lifeline and count the stitches at the end of the row you will do fine. 

It may include two stitches you haven’t done yet, if you are new at knitting.  One is called “Purl 2 together through the back” AND “Knit 1 through the back”.  These can be found on www.knittinghelp,com and you can probably find them on U-tube and for the Purl 2 together through the back stitch…it is better if you see someone actually doing it.  Explaining this particular stitch is too confusing, pictures or video will work.  I think I had this in my last calendar but not positive about that.

This is an elegant and beautiful pattern and you will love it!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This gives you a few days to check out these stitches.

 Cast on 42 stitches (you can enlarge or reduce this pattern.  It is a count of “Multiple of 8+2 and the border stitches”.  It works out to 8X4 =32 + 2 = 34 + 8 Border = 42 (I don’t recommend doing a towel with this design because it is so lacy, but you could increase or reduce to number of border stitches.)

 This border is the Seed (Moss) stitch.  With an even number of stitches on the needle you will rotate how the row starts and ends…..Example:  If you start with K1, you will end with P1.   The next row you would then start with P1, you will end with K1, and so on.


Row 1:                        K1, P1 Across ending with P1

Row 2:                        P1, K1 Across ending with K1

Row 3:                        K1, P1 Across ending with P1

Row 4:                        P1, K1 Across ending with K1



Row 1:                        (RS) (K1, P1) x2, K1, *YO, K1b, YO, SKP, K5*; repeat between the *, to last 5 stitches:  K1, (K1, P1) x2                                                                                  46 stitches

Row 2:                        (WS) (P1, K1) x2, P1, *P4, P2Tog b, P3*; repeat between *, to last 5 stitches:  P1, (P1, K1) x2                                                                                             42 stitches

 Row 3:                        (K1, P1) x2, K1, * YO, K1 b, YO, K2, SKP, K3*; Repeat between *, to last 5 stitches:  K1 (K1-P1) x 2                                                                                          46 stitches

 Row 4:                        (P1, K1) x2, P1, *P2, P2Tog b, P5*; Repeat between *, to last 5 stitches:  P1, (P1, K1) x2                                                                                                          42 stitches

Row 5:                        (K1, P1) x2, K1, *K1b, YO, K4, SKP, K1, YO*; Repeat between *, to last 5 stitches:  K1, (K1, P1) x2                                                                                      * 46 stitches
Row 6:                        (P1, K1) x2, P1, * P1, P2Tog b, P6*; Repeat between *, to last 5 stitches:  P1, (P1, K1) x2                                                                                                        42 stitches

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