Monday, April 20, 2015

April 16th 2015 KAL Day 6 FINAL

Here are the rest of the rows.  I will post the pattern along with the photo on our website site later this week.

Row 51: (Color 2) K3, *K5, Sl 1 (PW) *; Repeat between *'s, end K8
Row 52: (Color 2) K3, *K5, W/YIF, Sl 1 (PW), W/YIB *; Repeat between *'s, end K8
Row 53: (Color 1) K5, *Sl 1 (PW), K5*; Repeat between *'s, end Sl 1, K5
Row 54: (Color 1) K3, Purl across row, slipping the previous Slip Stitches on to the right needle (PW), K3

This should reach your desired length but if you want to make it a little bigger, repeat rows 51-54 one more time. (Your last row should be a “Purl” row)

 Then knit 4 rows with color 2…or knit 2 rows (I knitted 4 rows to give it more of a border.)

bind off.
Designed by Janet Nogle

Janet Nogle

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