Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1st 2015 KAL Day 4 Plus extra Photo

Here are the rows for day 4 and an extra photo of the KAL taken after Day 3:

Row 32: k2, p7, k1, p6, k7, p1, k5, p8, k1, p7, k2.
Row 34: k2, p7, k1, p7, k6, p1, k4, p9, k1, p7, k2.
Row 36: k2, p2, k3, p2, k1, p8, k5, p1, k4, p9, k1, p2, k3, p2, k2.
Row 38: k2, (p1, k1) 4x, p9, k4, p1, k3, p10, (k1, p1) 4x, k2.
Row 40: k2, (p3, k1) 2x, p9, k4, p1, k3, p10, (k1, p3) 2x, k2.

Janet Nogle

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