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Nov 16th 2015 KAL

 Using Lifelines will help with any project. If you aren't sure what that is, there is plenty of info on the Internet about it.

1.    We will be using two colors (optional).  You can use just one but the pattern looks best with 2

2.    It is a Pattern/Stitch/Lace cloth.
3.    Colors:  1 Light, 1 dark.  This is a cloth you can use seasonal colors with, because we are doing it in November, I am using Brown and Orange. You can use whatever colors you have available.

4.    We will use the colors as A & B.  My color A is Brown, my color B is Orange (A being the Main color, B being the Contrast color).
5.    Cast On 38 stitches with color B, knit two rows.  (This info is given if you want to work ahead of time).

Needles:  #6 or 7 knitting needles

NOTE:  Some patterns are better worked if you don’t do repeats of rows for the “daily 10 rows”.  This pattern is one of them.  Breaking up rows in the middle of colors or changing to the row numbers so you can receive exactly 10 just creates possible errors in row numbering and repeats.  So I will give you the entire pattern on this one.  I will put a photo on our blog of the border rows and the first 6 rows of the pattern.  A few days later I will post a photo of the finished cloth.

(SL 1-K1-PSSO) = Slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over
(YO K1) x4 = Any directions in parenthesis should be worked
the number of times stated: Yo K1 4 times together, one right after the other.

The name of this pattern is “Peacocks In Color”, it was designed by me and appeared in one of our knitting calendars.

Changing colors: Leave the two colors of yarn going up along side of the cloth as you work it, you don’t have to cut and then re-join the yarn when changing colors.

Cast On: 38 (Multiple of 15+2 with a border of 6 stitches-three on each side)

Color A: Light Color (white or yellow)
Color B: Dark Color (red or dark pastels)
Knit Two Rows: Color B
Change to Color A:

Row 1: K3, K2, *(Sl 1-K1-PSSO) x2, K1, (YO K1) x4,
K2Tog x2, K2 *; Repeat from * to *, end row with K3.
Row 2: K3, P32, K3
Row 3: K3, K2, *(Sl 1-K1-PSSO) x2, K1, (YO K1) x4,
K2Tog x2, K2 *; Repeat from * to *, end row with K3.
Row 4: K3, P32, K3

Change to Color B:
Row 5: Knit Across
Row 6: Knit Across

Change back to color A and start sequence again.
Repeat the 6 row sequence until you have reached the desired
Length, Knit two rows with color B and bind off.

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