Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 16th 2016 KAL Day 5 - FINAL with photo

By now you have figured out that our repeat rows consist of rows 5-16.  This is the end of our KAL.  I will post the final rows and a finished photo on our blog for those who want to see a completed cloth.  If you would like to share a photo of your finished cloth, just send me an email and add the photo with your first name and I will post it on our blog.  We will make the deadline for this next Wednesday.

As a reminder, Linda Schmidt will be conducting the KAL.  You will be learning a new technique but I will leave all of that to Linda.  Also if she is willing, she will also post the April 5th Swatch on our site.  I don’t plan to be on to often the first week following the surgery so it will be a big help to me for Linda to handle.

Here are our rows…the name of the cloth is called Dandelion Field Lace Cloth”.  It was designed by Janet Nogle.  The original will be added to our groups website next week.  I also added the KAL colors for the next quarter:

If you want to make it longer just repeat rows 5-16 one more time.

Day 5:
Row 13:        K1, P1, K1, *K5, K2Tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK; Repeat from *, end last 8 sts: K5, K1, P1, K1.
Row 14:        K1, P1, K1, P5, *P2, Sl 1, P7; Repeat from *, end K1, P1, K1.
Row 15:        K1, P1, K1, K35, K1, P1, K1,
Row 16:        K1, P1, K1, P35, K1, P1, K1.

Next Row:    K1, P1, K1, Knit 35, K1, P1, K1.
Next Row:    K1, P1, K1, Purl 35, K1, P1, K1.

Rows 1-4:     K1, P1 Across, ending K1.

Bind Off
Weave off.

2nd Quarter 2016:
April               1 Light solid color and 1 Dark solid color / Blue
May                Lavender / Gold or Yellow

June               Green / Red

Janet Nogle

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