Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 1st 2016 KAL Day 6 FINAL With Photo

Designer is Janet Nogle.  The name of the cloth is “Elm Grain Cloth”

Day 6:
Row 41:         (RS) Knit across.
Row 42:        (WS) K3, *YO, P2, Pass YO the 2 purl stitches, P2; Repeat from * to end, K3.
Row 43:         Knit across.
Row 44:        K3, *P2, YO, P2, Pass YO the 2 purl stitches; Repeat from * to end, K3.
Rows 1-4:      Knit Across
Bind off
Weave in ends.

KAL Colors for June 16th:

June 16th       Red or pastel variegated

3rd Quarter 2016 KAL Colors:
July                 Pink

August           Blue

Janet Nogle

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