Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb Mid Month KAL- Day 1

Hi and welcome to our KAL. The mid month KAL is usually a lace pattern or seasonal pattern. This one is a lace cloth so those of you that do not like lace, you may want to pass on this one. If you miss one of the emails you check out our overflow blog, listed below under my name.

Materials: 1 skein cotton yarn - pink or an color you like to work with
Needles: Size US 7

Cast on 33

YF: Yarn Forward (Yarn Over=YO)
Sl 1: Slip 1 stitch
PSSO: Pass slip stitch over
K2Tog: Knit two together
Any further explanations can be seen at

Knit two Rows for border
Row 1: (RS) Knit Across
Row 2: K3, P27, K3
Row 3: Knit Across
Row 4: K3, P27, K3
Row 5: K3, *K4, YF Sl 1, K1, PSSO; Rep from * to last 6, end K3, K3
Row 6: K3, P27, P3
Row 7: K3, K2, K2Tog, YF K1, YF Sl 1, K1, PSSO, * K1 K2Tog, YF
K1, YF Sl 1, K1, PSSO; Rep from * to last 5, end K2, K3
Row 8: K3, P27, K3

Janet Nogle
Moderator-Monthly Dishcloth Group
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