Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dec 1st KAL - Day 4 & 5 (FINAL)

Here are the rows for day 4 & 5:

Correction ROW 11: *Row 11: k7(DB), p1(BL), k1(W), p1(BL), k1(W), p1(W), k4(BL), p12(DB), K3(DB)

Row 22: k5(DB), p2(BL), k2(R), p3(BL), k5(W), p1(BL), k1(R), p7(BL), k5(DB)
Row 23: k5(DB), p1(BL), k1(W), p2(BL), k2(W), p1(BL), k5(W), p3(BL), k2(R), p2(W), k2(BL), P1(BL), k3(DB)


Row 24: k3(DB), p1(BL), k2(R), p1(BL), k3(W), p2(BL), k3(W), p2(BL), k2(W), p2(R), k2(W), p2(R), k1(BL), k3(DB)


Row 25: k3(DB), p1(BL), k3(R), p8(BL), k2(R), p1(BL), k1(W), p2(R), k2(W), P2(R), K1(BL), K3DB)
Row 26: k3(DB), p1(BL), k3(R), p9(BL), k1(R), p2(BL), k2(R), p2(W), k1(R), p2(BL), k3(DB)
Row 27: k3(DB), p1(BL), k3(R), p9(BL), k2(R), p7(BL), k5(DB)
Row 28: k3(DB), p2(BL), k2(R), p1(BL), k6(DB), p2(BL), k2(R), p1(BL), k11(DB)
Row 29: k5(DB), p3(BL), k8(DB), p1(BL), k2(R), p1(BL), k11(DB)
Row 30: k17(DB), p2(BL), k12(DB)
Row 31-33: Knit across with DB

 This design is called Mario Bro's Dishcloth designed  by Kelly Coyne.
Thanks Kelly
Janet Nogle

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