Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec 16th KAL Day 1

Materials:  Cotton.  DK or any size you like.  
Needles: 4mm =   US#6
This KAL will be a bit over sized cloth so you might want to make sure you have 2 skeins (depends if you are a tight or loose knitter).  It requires a size US #6 Needles and it would look nice in a hot pink, lavender or light maroon color.  It is a seasonal cloth.
(Note:  (K1P1K1) is a three stitch seed/moss border on either edge.)
CAST on 59 stitches
Day 1:
Row 1:  K1P1 to last st. K1
Row 2:  As row 1.
Row 3:  As row 1.
Row 4:  (K1P1K1) Knit to last three sts. (K1P1K1)
Row 5:  (K1P1K1) Purl to last three sts. (K1P1K1)
Row 6:  (K1P1K1) K21 P5 K27 (K1P1K1)
Row 7:  (K1P1K1) P6 K1 P18 K8 P20 (K1P1K1)
Row 8:  (K1P1K1) K18 P10 K18 P1 K6 (K1P1K1)
Row 9:  (K1P1K1) P6 K2 P17 K10 P18 (K1P1K1)
Row10:  (K1P1K1) K18 P10 K17 P2 K6 (K1P1K1)
Janet Nogle

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