Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aug 16th KAL Day 6 FINAL

Here is day 6 and completes our KAL.

Day 6

47. K5, * K2, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K2; Rep *, end K2, K5
48. K5, P30, K5
49. Knit Across
50. K5, P30, K5

51. Knit Across
52. K5, P30, K5

53. Knit Across
54. K5, P30, K5

55. Knit Across
56. K5, P30, K5

57: Knit Across

Knit 4 rows

Bind Off

This cloth is called "Lace on Lace Cloth" and was designed by Janet Nogle, hope you enjoy it. It will be posted to our website in a few days.

Janet Nogle

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