Friday, September 5, 2014

Sept 1st KAL Day 4-5 FINAL

Have had issued with cox cable and my Internet having enough strength to get me through working on the Internet.  This goes for the calendar as well.  If you needed help purchasing the calendar, just sent me a note on my email and I will get back to you.

Day 4

Row 31:  k3, p4, k3, p4, k16, p4, k3
Row 32:  knit across
Row 33:  k3, p4, k4, p3, k16, p4, k3
Row 34:  knit across
Row 35:  k3, p5, k4, p3, k14, p5, k3
Row 36:  knit across
Row 37:  k3, p6, k19, p6, k3
Row 38:  knit across
Row 39:  k3, p8, k6, p3, k6, p8, k3
Row 40:  knit across

Day 5
Row 41:  k3, p10, k3, p2, k1, p2, k3, p10, k3
Row 42:  knit across
Row 43:  k3, p3, k5, p7, k2, p7, k4, p3, k3
Row 44:  knit across
Row 45:  k3, p5, k6, p4, k2, p4, k6, p4, k3
Row 46:  knit across
Row 47:  k3, p6, k7, p2, k2, p2, k7, p5, k3
Row 48:  knit across
Row 49:  k3, p7, k6, p2, k2, p2, k6, p6, k3
Row 50:  knit across
Row 51:  k3, p9, k3, p3, k3, p2, k3, p8, k3
Row 52:  knit across
Row 53:  k3, p16, k2, p13, k3
Row 54:  knit across
Row 55:  k3, p31, k3
Row 56:  knit across
Row 57:  knit across
Row 58:  knit across
Row 59:  knit across

Bind off

Weave in ends
This pattern was called An Apple and the designer was Rhonda White.  You can visit her site at
Janet Nogle

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