Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 20th 2016 KAL Day 6 FINAL

Here are the rows for today:

More photos will be posted next week.

The name of this cloth is "Spider Dishcloth" and was designed by Andi Worthy

Day 6:
Row 51: (K1, P1) twice, P33, (P1, K1) twice
Row 52: (K1, P1) twice, K33, (P1, K1) twice
Row 53: (K1, P1) twice, P33, (P1, K1) twice
Row 54: (K1, P1) across
Row 55: (K1, P1) across
Row 56: (K1, P1) across
Row 57: (K1, P1) across
Row 58: (K1, P1) across
Bind off and weave in ends.

Designer: Andi Worthy © 2007

Janet Nogle

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