Wednesday, February 15, 2017

hi fellow knitters!
  Time for our mid-February Challenge KAL!

Reminder: we are doing Intarsia Knitting as our *challenge* ~
[it will be helpful to you to read thru the notes, below before beginning today]
Day 1 is not posted - please go direct to the pattern if you missed yesterday's rows:

You can get the entire pattern at the link here:

* MC [Main Color]: white cotton yarn - have two yarn balls [one skein divided in half]
* CC [Contrast Color]: red cotton yarn
* Knitting Needles: size 7, or your accustomed needle size
sl 1 = slip stitch as if to knit
K = knit
P = purl

Notes:  For this dishcloth pattern, you will be always slipping the first stitch of each row,
and you will be purling the last stitch of each row - if you want, you can place stitch markers
so that it's a reminder
**This will give you a very nice finished look on each side of your cloth

Linda  ~ Photo after Day 1:
What looks like a *red line* across is my red cable in the circular knitting needles I am using - and, No! you do not need to use circulars for this cloth!  I just like them!

Day 2...Thursday

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