Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 1st 2017 KAL

This is the last day of our KAL.  

The name of this cloth is “A Rose For You” and was dedicated to moms all over the world.  It appeared in my last publication, “Patterns for the Holidays”.

Day 5:
Row 37:      Knit across
Row 38:      K4, P32, K4
Row 39:      Knit across
Row 40:      K4, P32, K4
Row 41:      Knit across
Row 42:      K4, P32, K4
Row 43:      Knit across
Row 44:      K4, P32, K4

Rows 1-8:   Knit Across
Bind Off

Weave In ends

 Janet Nogle

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