Monday, May 15, 2017

May Challenge KAL

Rosie says,

Your challenge this month is:
 Domino knitting!

~ Sample of what your cloth looks like at end of DAY 1's rows:


day 1 was getting you through the first part - your mitered square
- so you should have been happy you learned how to do one of those, if it's your first!

For Day 2 rows, you will add the two 'sides' of the heart shape;

you will need to go to the online pattern -

You can access it,
by going to Ravelry -
if you are not a member, not to worry-
it's free to join, and they send no emails out to you.
It's a wonderful 'community' of knitters, so if you haven't been
there before, you will love finding all kinds of new patterns!

Click below to go to Ravelry/Pattern

The name of this pattern is:
 Domino Heart
by Johanna Mäki 

At Ravelry you will:

  click on "free Ravelry download"

~ you may also go to her website to download the pattern, however it is written in German:

I chose this design to say,
Happy Mother's Day with this lovely heart!

Happy Knitting!  Don't forget, post your finished photos
in your yahoo KAL album!  ~ Linda


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