Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jan 1st 2016 KAL Day 3 With Photo

Here are the rows for today and a photo after day 2:  We will have one more photo at the end of the KAL.

Day 3:
Row21: (Color B) knit across
Row22: (Color B) K4, P7, K3, P3, K3, P3, K3, P7, K4
Row23: (Color A) knit across
Row24: (Color A) K11, P3, K3, P3, K3, P3, K11
Row25: (Color B) knit across
Row26: (Color B) K4, P9, K3, P2, K1, P2, K3, P9, K4
Row27: (Color A) knit across
Row28: (Color A) K13, P3, K2, P1, K2, P3, K13
Row29: (Color B) knit across

Row30: (Color B) K4, P3, K2, P8, K3, P8, K2, P3, K4 

Janet Nogle

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