Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1st 2016 KAL Day 1 & 2 with Photo

Day 2:
Row11: (Color A) knit across
Row12: (Color A) knit across
Row13: (Color B) knit across
Row14: (Color B) K4, P14, K1, P14, K4
Row15: (Color A) knit across
Row16: (Color A) K18, P1, K18
Row17: (Color B) knit across
Row18: (Color B) K4, P5, K3, P5, K3, P5, K3, P5, K4
Row19: (Color A) knit across
Row20: (Color A) K9, P3, K5, P3, K5, P3, K9

Everyday rows will be sent via an email, I will be "Replying" to the first email so all of the rows will be on one email at the end of the KAL.  If you are a "Special Notice" member, you will need to get your rows for day 2 through final from our blog or checking our site for the "updated" emails. Yahoo doesn't provide for "reply" messages to be sent to the Special Notice members.
If you need help, check
How to Knit | for any assistance or write an email to the group for help.  For day 1 and day 2 of rows, I will post photos.

Using Lifelines will help with any project. If you aren't sure what that is, there is plenty of info on the Internet about it but it is basically where you put thread or thin yarn through a row already worked, designating that all the rows to that point are error free.
You should document what row you put the lifeline in so you have a point of reference. If you make any error after that point, you know you are OK with the previous rows anyway

This will be a seasonal picture cloth.
Materials:  1 skein blue and white cotton yarn (I am using med blue and white)
Color A – Blue, Color B - White
#7 US Needles (4,5 mm)
Cast on 37 stitches loosely with color A

Row1: (Color A) knit across
Row2: (Color A) knit across
Row3: (Color A) knit across
Row4: (Color A) knit across
Row5: (Color B) knit across
Row6: (Color B) K4, P29, K4
Row7: (Color A) knit across
Row8: (Color A) knit across
Row9: (Color B) knit across
Row10: (Color B) K4, P29, K4

 Photo after Day 1:

Janet Nogle

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