Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 20, 2017
June 20 KAL 'Fire & Ice"

Think "Cool" , says Rosie!

Here's my finished Fire & Ice cloth - look forward to seeing the colors you all chose ~

p.s. - I placed one of our Tulip Tree blooms alongside my dishcloth - they just bloomed today! a tree full of *tulips* !



hi fellow knitters -

welcome to our second KAL for June!

Here is the start on my dish-cloth:

I'm using RED for my main/solid color
dibs and dabs of leftover VARIEGATED yarns in my stash ~

 This is a terrific pattern, because you can be as free as you want in using color!
[and it's another one of our moderator, Janet N's lovely designs!]

It will allow you to use some of those beautiful variegated yarns you have on hand -
and also you could use up some yarn stash - you know, those bits and pieces [I call them]- you know,
-the leftovers- from other projects!

Pattern calls for one solid color yarn and one skein Variegated [or you can choose your leftovers]
Recommended colors used in pattern:
1 skein Premium Passion [P&C yarn #128]
1 skein Variegated yarn

ANY two colors will work -
You will be *changing* colors every 2 rows - you do NOT need to cut yarn,
simply carry it alongside the border when changing to the other color.

What you need to know:   Colors used will be referred to as:

*Solid = Main Color
*Variegated = your choice of second color, whether solid or variegated is up to you

Needle: #6 or 7 whichever you prefer

No numbers or letters in this KAL!

PW =Purl Wise
W/YIF =With yarn in front
W/YIB =With yarn in back
Sl =Slip

To get started ~
Day 1:
Cast on 35

To continue your dish-cloth, go to our files at our group page, and you have your choice of downloading the pattern either as a Word doc. or as a PDF.
Here is a direct link, if you are unsure just where our files for dishcloths are kept:
Scroll down to our KAL for today:
    2010 Mid-Nov KAL - Fire and Ice

There is mis-numbering in the pattern in the KAL files - so I will notify Janet when she returns from vacation -
but it is NO problem!  In fact, the entire pattern is a repeat of the first 4 rows...
Here they are, if you just want to work from these -
[ you can repeat pattern for about 50 rows, end with a pattern 2 row, then knit 2 rows in your main color solid for border. ]

After your 2 rows of Border, begin these 4 pattern rows, repeated as many as you like*

Row 1: (Solid) K3, K2, *Sl 1 (PW), K5*; Repeat between *'s, end Sl 1, K2, K3

Row 2: (Solid) K3, Purl across row, slipping the previous Slip Stitches on to the
right needle (PW), K3

Start row 3 with the variegated yarn, dropping the solid color and let it run along
the side of the row.

Row 3: (Variegated) K3, *K5, Sl 1 (PW) *; Repeat between *'s, end K5, K3

Row 4: (Variegated) K3, *K5, W/YIF, Sl 1 (PW), W/YIB *; Repeat between *'s,
end K5, K3

Pick up solid and drop variegated, letting the variegated follow along the side of
the row. Follow this process when changing colors.

*  you can repeat pattern for about 50 rows, end with a pattern 2 row, then knit 2 rows in your main color solid for border.  Bind Off.

 Thank you Janet for letting me host the June KALs ~

Happy Knitting!

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