Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rosie says, "Welcome to our June 1st KAL!"

Follow - up: Posting Photos for KAL - and CONTEST Winner Announced!


hi fellow knitters!
   I'm loving the lovely, different colored Dishcloth Dresses in our Yahoo Albums! Please, the rest of you get yours posted there too!

  ALSO - don't forget:  The Contest!
    The designer of the Dishcloth Dress has offered an autographed copy of her latest book of Dishcloth Dress Patterns to one lucky winner !   Be sure to post a photo at your projects page at Ravelry - and be certain to include the name of the pattern as Chicks and Ducks Knit Dress Dishcloth  - that way she can view all the submitted photos for this contest. 
  Your deadline is Thursday, June 15th - so get your camera out!

  Good luck to you all!
 Post photos at your project page at Ravelry:
Ravelry site, where you can see the Dishcloth dress and link to the designer's page and pattern:
Day 4  -
 I am not getting any emails thru to the list - this is the message I sent out today, Mon., June 5:
good morning fellow knitters ~
I have been sending emails to the group for two days, yet I don't see them coming into my mailbox, and have no messages thru the group from any of you - so I assume you are getting no messages thru this group...??

I have received emails from a few of you who wrote me directly, off the list.
I hope this one gets thru - it has the links to the pattern - [see, below below my name *Linda*]

we are working on the issue and hope resolves soon - meanwhile, post your finished dresses at your yahoo album! ~
Our blog, with access to this KAL:

Ravelry site, where you can see the Dishcloth dress and link to the designer's page and pattern:

If for some reason you can't access Ravelry, you can find her website and the pattern with this direct link, at:

 DAY 3
hi fellow knitters -
   Thank you for your messages telling how you enjoy this first KAL of June, I appreciate you letting me know!

  How is it coming along?  anyone finished with theirs? be sure to post a photo at your yahoo group album!

 Tomorrow I will give the info on how to post a photo to enter the contest that Deb T., designer, is offering - for one of her autographed books for a prize!  I hope you all will enter -
and more so, to show her how many of you there are and what different colors were used in knitting this little Dishcloth Dress of hers!

 Hope you agree that this is a fun knit!
As always:   Please let me know if you have any questions or any comments on this KAL.

  See you tomorrow to give all the Contest Rules!
[Your dishcloth dress has to be finished and you will be posting a photo online, so get your cameras/cell-phones ready too!]

I knit a second dress, showing it in different colors than my first one -
I didn't' crochet around the neckline, and so I added the little knit *flower* at the neckline, just to be different! 
Happy Knitting

DAY  2
good morning fellow knitters -
  I hope you all have downloaded your pattern and are busy knitting our June 1st KAL !
Once again, if you didn't get yesterday's KAL email:
 -I am hosting June and July KALs for Janet
- We are doing this new format of getting the pattern rows to you:
I am not sending daily rows, but am giving out the link to download the pattern yourself - go to our blog to obtain the link
-Because this is a free pattern does not mean you own it! please respect copyrights of the designer

Please let the group know the colors you are using for your *Dress*![you can email the group, or leave a comment here on this page, below]
~and when you are finished please post in your yahoo album!

 Who is eager to enter the CONTEST to win an "autographed copy of Deb Trainor's newest book,
*More Dishcloth Dresses* "?! 
Tomorrow I will let you know how you can do that - so get your Dress finished soon! There will be a time limit on entering Deb's contest.

   Also, if you haven't joined Ravelry, now would be the time!  All you need to do to sign up is to go to their site, enter your User Name [of your choice] and choose a password. That's it!  No charge! No emails will come your way!  And the benefits are access to thousands of patterns, many are free - you get to know a lot of designers - and you can post photos of your projects there too. You can sign up here:

See you tomorrow! 
happy knitting!  ~ Linda

DAY 1:

Welcome to our first KAL for the month of June!
I am filling in for Janet while she is on vacation for June and July.

Important reminder:  this and all of the KALs used this summer are copyright protected by the designers– please respect them.

For this KAL many of you will recognize the designer – Deb Trainor – she has had patterns included over the last few years in the knitting calendars that Janet has published. This pattern is "Dressing for Spring" ~
     WHY am I telling you all this?  
 Because this is the *new* format we will be using for June and July.  I will not be sending daily emails with rows for you to knit – instead, I will be emailing you the website where you can go yourself and download the full pattern – everyone can work at their own pace! 

I am hoping you will get the opportunity to know designers of these dishcloths – and find that many of them knit other things than dishcloths! – please take some time at their websites to see what all they have to offer –

We will have some fun too – as Deb Trainor is offering a prize at the end of this Knit-along!
 Okay, let’s get started!

For my own dishcloth pictured above:
 I used a cotton yarn, cream with purple flecks and for accent yarn I used a solid dark purple.

 Sample in Deb's pattern used Sugar and Cream Soft Violet #00093 and Country Yellow #01612

Here's your link to Deb's pattern at Ravelry:
    If you aren't a Ravelry member, now is the time to join! [it's free!]
 You will click on " This pattern is available for free! "

If for some reason you can't access Ravelry, you can find her website at:

 Happy Knitting!  Will check back with you tomorrow!

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