Monday, March 24, 2014

Special Stitch KAL

Here is the KAL I was telling everyone about.  I will post the rows for two days and then everyone is on their own to finish.

Materials:  2 skeins of yarn, 2 different colors (A color is main color and B is contrast color)
                  Needle: #6 or #7
Sl:      Slip Stitch
(PW)  Purlwise (put right needle in front of st - as if to purl, and move this stitch to the right needle.
YF:    Yarn Forward - Place yarn in Purl position
YB:    Yarn Back:  Place yarn in knit position

Cast on: 45

With Color B,
Rows 1-4:      Knit Across

Row 1:            With Color A, Knit across.


Attach new color (above).  Change to alternate color by putting color used to the back, and new color to the front of the old color).  Work the row below:
NOTE:  Tie the two colors together on the tail ends on the wrong side of work:

 Completed row should look like the photo above.  This is a photo from the wrong side.

Row 2:            With Color A. K4, P37, K4

                        If you haven’t added a lifeline yet, now would be the time to do it.

 Row 3:            With Color B after attaching the alt color, K4,  Sl1 (PW), *K5, Sl 1 (PW)
                          *; Repeat between *'s ending with K4.
Photo above shows slipping the 1st stitch Purlwise.

Row 4:            With B, K4, YF, Sl 1 (PW), YB * K5, YF, Sl 1 (PW), YB*; Repeat between *’s ending K4

The above photo shows a slip stitch with yarn in front.  Continue working the row till you come to the previous slip st, put yarn in front and slip the slip stitch to the right needle and put yarn in back to knit the next 5.
Row 5:            With B, P4, YB, Sl 1 (PW), YF, *P5, YB, Sl 1(PW), YF*; Repeat between *’s, ending P4
                        (When you get to the sl st, put yarn in back, Sl 1 & place yarn in front & P5)
Row 6:            With B, K4, YF, Sl 1 (PW), YB, *K5, YF, Sl 1 (PW), YB*; Repeat between *’s ending, K4
                        (When you get to the slip st, place yarn in front, slip the st and then put 
                         yarn  in back  And K5.)


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