Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feb 1st KAL - Day1

Here is the first KAL for February. I sent an email out earlier today
about the particulars but if you missed it, here is the info which
probably will NOT be repeated:


Good Morning......just a little info about our upcoming KAL, thanks to
Kandy for sending me my :Yarn Color" reminder.
Our KAL will start this evening and what you will need is a #7 needle,
The color Blue is the suggested color or a pale variegated. This one
has been tested and we will be casting on 41 stitches with 6 rows of
knitting for the border..

Helpful info: Check our KAL Blog listed below in my signature line for
the rows of the day. Those who are on "special notice" you will ONLY
receive the first email, you will need to check our blog the following
days because we update and send out the original email every day after
the first rows have been sent so we have them all in one place. Yahoo
doesn't allow to send those to "Special Notice" individuals. If you
don't want to do that then you can go to our website and check
"messages" for the updates. It is easy to do because you will be
looking for the email with the subject of: Feb 1st KAL Day ?? (day
changes with each email). I won't be sending out ALL of the info in
this email every day of the KAL....doesn't make much sense to.

Materials: Blue or pale variegated yarn
Size 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) knitting needles
Note; SSK = Slip 1, Slip 1, Knit 2 together (if you are unfamiliar with
this term check out> )

Cast on 41 stitches.

K4 in the beginning and end of each row signifies the border stitches.

Row 1: Knit across
Row 2: Knit across
Row 3: Knit across
Row 4: Knit across
Row 5: Knit across
Row 6: Knit across
Row 7: K4, P33, K4
Row 8: K4, K2, * yo, ssk, K6; repeat from *, end last repeat with K5, K4
Row 9: K4, P33, K4
Row 10: K4, K3, * yo, ssk, K3, K2tog, yo, K1; repeat from *, end yo,
ssk, K4, K4

Janet Nogle
Moderator for Monthly DishCloth Group:
Dishcloth Calendar link:

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